Thursday 15th May 2008


Hillsfield Passes Test    by Andy Nicholls


Dave Price (left), Chairman of Rocester Football Club today revealed that Rocester's Hillsfield ground had passed the ground grading criteria for promotion to the Unibond League.
Visiting assessors, Alan Alcock from the Unibond League and Eammon Farrell from the F.A. Ground Grading Committee toured Rocester's home facilities this morning and graded the stadium against strictly laid down criteria.


Farrell, speaking to Dave Price after their fact finding mission commented; "What a fantastic set up you've got here, even with nobody else here I can sense the atmosphere, which must make match days very special."


A few minor adjustments are required such as a sign in front of the seating area and a buzzer for the referee's changing room, but the requirements carry no real cost implication and will not affect the decision to pass the ground as suitable for Unibond league football.


Dave Price spoke on behalf of the Board of Directors saying; "This is superb news. Now that the ground has passed the grading requirements it will not need to be inspected again for a further three years - during which we can aim for promotion to the Unibond League."