Sunday 13th May 2007 - Alf Hawksworth Leaves.


Through the Uttoxeter Post & Times, our former Chairman Alf Hawksworth has announced that he is to cut his ties with Rocester Football Club.

Alf has been at the club for 22 years, and spent half of that time as Chairman before handing over the role to former Romans player David Price in December 2006.

The 67-year old stayed on as a director of the club, but has now decided to give up all duties. He has, however, said that he will be available on an advisory basis if needed.

"I stepped down as Chairman at Christmas and stayed on as a director, but I am now stepping down and handing things over." said Hawksworth.

"In some ways it is just time to move on. I've had some good times at Rocester and I can say I've enjoyed a lot of it. I will be available on an advisory basis if they need me."

"I hope Rocester can go forward, I've given all the help I can." he added.

Alf is hopeful the club will continue to develop and go forward under the new regime, and he is confident that Joint Managers Damian Grocott and Andy O'Connor will be able to further improve Rocester's success on the field.

Under the duo's management the Romans have enjoyed their best season for two years, finishing in 12th place in the Polymac Services Midland Alliance this year.

"I've known Dave Price a long time and he is a good friend. He also runs the junior section at the club and he will continue to do that."

"I'll give them whatever information I can pass on and I do hope they will go up and up."

"They need more people on the board and people to get more involved in running things."

Alf continued: "After the way things have gone in recent years Damian and Andy have done a great job in turning things around on the playing side."

"It has not always been easy, but the club has generally been successful so when things started to go wrong a couple of seasons ago it was very difficult to get out of it."

We would like to offer Alf a big thank you for all the time, effort and dedication he has put into the club during the past 22 years, and wish him all the best for the future.

Alf will always be welcome at Hillsfield, and will hopefully continue to attend many of our matches as a spectator and will enjoy watching the football without the stresses of working behind the scenes!