The Rocester F.C. 200 Centurions Club aims to attract up to 200 members who will each pay £5 every month, preferably by standing order, to enter a monthly cash draw which will pay out 50% of the pot in cash prizes of up to £250.


This will provide the Romans with a valuable source of regular income, and for what adds up to a little more than £1 a week you will be able to support the club and give yourself the chance to win cash prizes at the same time.


The draw takes place each month, with payments for each draw being collected before the end of the previous month.


Please make a difference and become a Centurion Club member today!


E-mail your name and address to now, and we will supply you with an entry form.













Cash prizes paid out every month!


Just £5.00 per month secures your number

in each draw.


Support the club by becoming a Centurions

Club member - you could be a winner!




 Rocester F.C.’s 200 Centurions Club Rules


The 200 Centurions Club is run with the sole intention of raising funds for Rocester Football Club. The Rules of the Centurions Club are as follows:


1. Rocester Football Club’s 200 Centurions Club is operated under the Gambling Act 2005, and is registered with East Staffordshire Borough Council (SL0218).


2. The objective is to have at least 200 members (minimum age 16) although the Club will be organised with any number deemed viable by the Promoter on behalf of Rocester F.C.


3. Rocester F.C. reserves the right to amend these rules from time to time, as deemed necessary. A current copy of the rules is available from the Promoter and on the website


4. The first 200 Centurions Club draw will take place on the first Saturday in September 2012, and subsequent draws will take place on the first Saturday of each month thereafter.


5. All proceeds after the payment of prizes and any legitimate expenses will be for the purposes of meeting Rocester F.C's running costs and development.


6. The subscription will be £5 per month – preferably payable by standing order - before the last day of the previous month. On receipt of a standing order form, the applicant will be allocated a unique membership number. For each additional £5 paid per month, an additional number will be allocated.


7. Participants will not be included in the draw if their payment has not been received by the last day of the previous month in which the draw takes place.


8. Winners will be paid by cheque sent by post to the person named as the holder of the winning number. Cheques not cashed within six months will be regarded as a donation to Rocester F.C. Notification of prize winners will appear on the Rocester F.C. website and in the local press.


9. The draw will be conducted by 3 people, one of whom will be the Promoter or his/her representative. All members are entitled to attend any draw, which whenever possible will take place in the clubhouse after the first home game of each month.


10. In the event of 200 members, the prize structure will be as follows: 1 prize of £250, followed by 1 x £125, 1 x £75 and 1 x £50. Prizes will be scaled up or down dependant on the actual numbers within the Club.


11. Participants can cancel their membership of the 200 Centurions Club at any time by giving one month’s notice to the Promoter. Members should also advise their bank to cancel the Standing Order. Under no circumstances can payments be refunded.